Tom McConville with Jens Kommnick


Sat 11th November – 8.00pm;

Tom McConville needs no introduction to our SVH audience - a firm favourite.

“There are many fine fiddle players but every now and then you hear a player with such humanity and finesse it shines like a beacon in the tradition.  Such a player is Tom McConville”.. Geoff Hughes

He is sharing the stage with Jens Kommnick. Jens Kommnick is a musician, arranger, composer, producer and author and he has been playing acoustic guitar for 35 years. He is considered to be a leading exponent of the Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar who integrates other musical influences (Jazz, Classical, Rock) in his delicate style very successfully.

In 2012 Jens became the first and only German musician ever to win the "All Ireland Championships", not only once, but twice, both as a solist and an accompanist. Also his brand new album redwood (© 2015) evoked enthusiastic reactions at home and abroad, including the highly renowned Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (German Record Critics' Award)!


Jens' pleasant stage presence and humorous introductions guarantee a particularly enjoyable concert experience for the listening audience. 

Doors open at 7.15pm


All tickets: £0 - Pay what you feel

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