No Petticoats Here

Friday 8th September - 7.30 pm
Remembering First World War women through song.

Award winning singer, songwriter and musician Louise Jordan tells the stories of women who challenged expectations. From the woman who dressed as a soldier on the Western Front to the women football players banned by the FA, the ambulance drivers running the gauntlet of enemy fire in Flanders and the so-called 'surplus million' single women.

Inspirational women, working in a time of conflict, leaving a legacy.

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Press and feedback for No Petticoats Here, so far:

"If there's one album you really should own, then this is it." - FolkWords, September 2016

"a terrific and highly accomplished piece of work" - fruk, September 2016

"an album that matters" - FATEA Magazine, October 2016

"Jordan has produced one of the most touching and powerful folk albums of the year so far" - The Sunday Express, October 2016

"Heart-rending, empowering, inspirational, uplifting." - Audience feedback, Palace Green Library, Durham August 2016

"Made me want to stand up and fight." - Audience feedback, Durham August 2016

"You bring these women alive and honour them. Amazing." - Audience feedback, Salisbury Arts Centre September 2015

What the press has previously said about Louise Jordan:

"A stirring, lilting grace" - The Telegraph

"Absolutely, totally and completely brilliant" - Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

"Haunting and unforgettable" - The Sunday Express

"The fragility of perfection" - FolkWords

"A masterclass in songwriting" - R2

"Louise's vocals are out of this world" - Maverick

"Absolutely glorious" - FATEA

Doors open at 6.45 pm.


All tickets: £10.

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