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101 Dalmatians - Wed 3rd September
Settle Folk Weekend 5th to 7th September - Hosted by Mike Harding

A laid back weekend of music and friends in and around The Victoria Hall, in pubs and cafes and wherever a few musicians want to gather. As well as the 3 main events at Victoria Hall, there will be workshops, sessions, Thwaites dray horses, a BBQ and whatever else anyone wants to organise! Come for the day or the whole weekend.

At the Hall we kick off with a Ceilidh on Friday night, continue with Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin on Saturday night, and end with Nancy Kerr and James Fagan on Sunday.

You can also come along for free on Saturday afternoon for an open mic gathering with a bar and a barbeque.

Book early so we know you're coming!

It's always good for us if you book early, as we can get an idea of numbers far enough ahead to know whether or not to reschedule a show.

Don't forget the markets

There's an indoor market every Tuesday at the Hall, and an Artisan's Fair on the third Saturday each month.



To see what's coming up and to book events online, see the event pages in our Programme. 

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