Welcome to Settle Victoria Hall

Settle Victoria Hall Ltd. was set up as a charity in 1999, and we rely on a small, skeleton staff and the dedication of our board of trustees and over 100 volunteers to keep us going. Our volunteers are the heart of Victoria Hall, taking on everything, from painting and decorating, to stewarding at events, to manning the bar and box office. If you think you’d like to get involved with volunteering, you can find more information here.

Although the building is owned by Craven District Council, the Hall is run by the trustees and management team and is independent of the council. Victoria Hall receives no regular funding- instead, we rely on donations from the public, and funds raised by the Friends of Victoria Hall. You can find out how to donate here.


Ann Harding

Chief Operating Officer, Venue Manager, Programming Manager

Mike Farrington

Facilities Manager

Josie Guthrie

Administration, Finance, Marketing


Laurie Tebbutt (Chair)

Jane Cotton

Eric Parker

Elaine Hill

Robert Binstead

Jean Hall

Judith King

Office Dog


Office Tortoise